Easy Hong Kong Cooking at Home

di Mei Yin May Lewis


Although Hong Kong inherits her cuisine from Guangzhou, China; the meeting of the eastern and western cultures has led to much improvement in the preparation and serving of the traditional dishes. It is why the city of Hong Kong has achieved the title “ideal eating out in Hong Kong.” As a result of its distinctive commercial and historical influences, Hong Kong is not only well known for its Southern Chinese cooking, but also famous for its “East meets West” international fare. Combining local Hong Kong with other countries’ cooking methods and ingredients creates “Fusion” Hong Kong dishes. I was lucky to be raised in Hong Kong and have enjoyed a great variety of cuisines.

I remember when I was studied abroad, I did not have a car, and so walking a long distance to the nearest Chinese restaurant or take-out shop were the only way to satisfy my Chinese food craving. However, I was always disappointed because the food was never as delicious as I had expected. After I graduated and moved back to Hong Kong, I made sure not miss any opportunities to eat out. The variety of options was vast, since there are so many different Chinese Provinces’ cuisines, as well as Vietnamese, Thai, American, Spanish, Indian and Japanese restaurants. I became interested in cooking and realized that cooking Hong Kong Chinese cuisine is not just fun but also very creative. Since then, cooking for others has always been a personal pleasure in my life. Not surprisingly, my interest in cooking has developed into a teaching career. As a cooking instructor, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in cooking with people who love Hong Kong Cuisine.

My family moves around a lot due to my husband’s job and many of the places we’ve called home did not have Chinatowns. The local small Chinese restaurants, often adjusted to American palates and thus inauthentic, were our only options when we wanted to eat Chinese food. Knowing how to cook Hong Kong Chinese cuisine is not only a money-saving alternative to dining, but it also satisfies my desire of having a high-quality and healthy meals with my loved ones.

Personally, I enjoy tasting and trying out different cuisines, from Chinese to western, and from authentic to contemporary. When I try different Chinese cuisines, I am inspired to create new combinations and experiment with new ways of cooking. Using simple ingredients that one can be obtained locally, I highly recommend these 45 recipes to people that wish to enjoy their own deliciously easy Hong Kong dishes at home. Of these recipes, some are traditional incorporated with new ideas; and some are newly created from traditional ingredients. Each recipe comes with detailed cooking instruction and a list of ingredients that are commonly available at your local grocery stores or Asian markets. The method of cooking is easy to follow and prepare at home. Even beginners and those who are discouraged by the lack of authentic Chinese ingredients will find these recipes appealing. I hope you will enjoy making these creative recipes with those you love. Recipes made with love and care are sure to be tasty!


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