Zuppa di Wonton e Noodles

A spasso per HONG KONG - di Paolo Ponghellini

Zuppa di Wonton e Noodles

Si tratta di un ristorante molto classico di cucina quotidiana che è sostanzialmente presente solo nella parte sud del Guangdong e ancora di più ad Hong Kong e Macao.

Zuppa di Wonton e Noodles

Si tratta di un ristorante di noodles, che sono però molto diversi da quelli di riso shanghainesi o del nord più in generale.

Zuppa di Wonton e Noodles

Prevalentemente sono di uova ma vi è anche una versione di riso piatta.

Zuppa di Wonton

Zuppa di Wonton e Noodles

La tipologia di ristorazione si chiama Wanton Min, o Wanton Noodles 雲吞麺.
Io oggi ho ordinato la versione con il petto di manzo "beef brisket".

Zuppa di Wonton e Noodles

Conto in due 10 euro 80HKD

Zuppa di Wonton e NoodlesIL VIDEO:

Paolo Ponghellini

General Manager

Vignette Du Vin Limited

General Sales Manager

Telford International Company Limited
settembre 2013 – giugno 2014 (10 mesi)Hong Kong

Supervising sales in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel and developing brands of wines and spirits in the Hong Kong market such as: Jack Daniels, Jägermeister, Zacapa, Finlandia, Remy Martin, Bushmills, Claymore, Cointreau, Piper, Leasingham, Barwang, Sterling, Francois Martenot, Le Chiuse, Il Palazzino, Conterno Fantino, Castello di Verduno and others.

General Manager

Liquid Assets Limited
giugno 2011 – settembre 2013 (2 anni 4 mesi)Hong Kong

Part of El Grande Holding LTD HK, Liquid Assets is a dynamic company dedicated to sourcing, importing and distributing fine wines and beers from around the world. The company is committed to providing excellent service to all our clients and building the brands of the products we import. Liquid Assets imports quality wines from six continents, including the major producers of highly desirable wine, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay and the United States. A wide variety of high quality beers to suit any taste are imported from Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States.

My position in the company is intended to manage all the activities, taking care of all the business development and create new opportunities in the market.


dicembre 2008 – luglio 2011 (2 anni 8 mesi)

Marketing, sales and communication dedicated to wineries and olive oil producers.

• Società Agricola Canalicchio di Sopra Services: Italy, Europe and Asia sales area manager www.canalicchiodisopra.com
• Aziende Agricole Salvatore Marini Services: worldwide sales and marketing management www.vinimarini.it
• Tenuta Montemagno Services: worldwide sales and marketing management www.tenutamontemagno.it
• Cantina Vini Merano-MeranerWeinkellerei Services: Asia and America export sales management, Italian market consultant www.meranerkellerei.com
• CavallottoTenuta Vinicola Bricco Boschis Services: Italy sales and marketing manager www.cavallotto.com
• Cantine Edomè Services: worldwide sales and marketing management www.cantinedome.com

Sales Director – Marketing Director

Gulfi Vineyard Estate
gennaio 2006 – dicembre 2008 (3 anni)

• Responsible for sales and corporate communications.
• Marketing part: trade business advertisings, sales force communications, website updates.
• Sales part: Italian territory, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Canada, South Africa, Brazil
• Results: on my arrival in the company, the sales were about 70,000 bottles in 14 countries worldwide, at my departure, the sales were 180,000 bottles in 25 countries and with a mix increase of more than 35 points percentage.

National Key Account

Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli
gennaio 2002 – dicembre 2005 (4 anni)

• Negotiator for distribution agreements with supermarket chains.
• Developer business strategies according to profitability.
• Area Managers field assistant for resolving customer problems.

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